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New and refurbished business-grade desktops from HP, Compaq, and Dell; pre-owned consumer-grade machines from manufacturers including Acer, Lenovo, HP, Compaq, and Dell. Models start at just $99 with many at $199. Custom-built desktops with one-year warranty included starting at $399.

Looking to sell?

We buy used desktops and laptops that aren't more than three years old. We'll need to keep your computer for a day or two to run some tests. In addition to cash we can also offer store credit for your preowned system.


We offer affordable warranties on both desktop and laptop computers at a fraction of the cost of those from big box stores.


Business-grade laptops from HP, Compaq, and Dell. Pre-owned laptops starting at $199. Preowned Lenovo laptops starting at $149.


We carry new Android, Asus and HP tablets, along with preowned tablets from Apple and other manufacturers.

Accessories and parts

We offer web cams, hard drive enclosures, audio, keyboards and mice, wireless routers (802.11G/N), wireless cards (USB and PCI), and laptop power adapters. Additionally, we stock hard drives (IDE and SATA), new and pre-owned memory, video cards, PCI cards, USB, network, and Firewire cards, processors, cables, computer cases, motherboards, power supplies, and CD/DVD-ROM drives.


Due to demand, we occasionally stock used iMacs and MacBooks, but they tend to be in short supply, so call first to see if we have what you're looking for! We also sell Apple keyboards and mice to match your system.